Thursday, 10 March 2016

March 10th 2016

What a lot has happened! The motoring magazine has given me more work, (that's 18 months I've been with them now), and PR agencies  Esscomm, and Goddards Assocs continue to be great contacts and trusted friends.

My non-public studio has been revamped, and various new widgets have been added as have new techniques.
Some services are being deliberately sidelined, such as video. Why? Because I can't stand up and tell you that I'm an expert.... Yes, video jobs have all signed off with enthusiasm for the finished product. Yes, clients are very happy, but at the end of the day, am I an expert in video? No.
I've completed a course or two in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. I'm pretty good at audio engineering with SonarX* and Audition, but am I a video expert?
Based on some efforts I've seen, maybe I am. That's not enough though is it? I need to be 20 years into video to feel comfortable! After all, I'm 40 years into photography!!

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